Black Sea Biosphere Reserve

The largest reserve in Ukraine

Black Sea Biosphere Reserve is the largest nature reserve in Ukraine, whose territory consists of several parts, representing different landscapes of the seaside in south Ukraine: forest-steppe, sand-steppe, desert-steppe and sea solonchak. It is located in Kherson and Mykolaiv regions of Ukraine. The main purpose of its creation was the preservation and protection of unique natural complexes located on its territory, and scientific activity.

The total land area is 36621 acres and water area – 233354 acres.

The reserve consists of mainland areas, over 20 islands, two bays - Tendrivska and Yagorlytska.

The fauna of the reserve

The fauna of the reserve has about 3,500 species. The greatest diversity is of insects, they are numbering over 2200 species and 160 species of arachnids, and 65 - mollusks.

In the reserve you can find more than 300 bird species, as it makes a special emphasis on the preservation of rare species. Here the following species are nesting: Oystercatcher, Kentish plover, Common Eider, black-winged stilt, nosy merganser, Pallas's gull, white-tailed eagle, bustard, pink pelican, and more. The number of birds specimens amounts to over 120 thousand in Tendrivska and Yagorlytska Bay during winter. The reserve is a basic nesting place for Pallas's gull in Europe.

It is worth noting that you can encounter rare Red Book species within protected areas of the reserve. Among the reptiles it is the Caspian whipsnake and Coronella austriaca, steppe viper; among mammals - lesser noctule, badger, river otter, birch mouse prairie, Black Sea bottlenose dolphin, beaked and Black Sea monk seal; and among fish - Beluga Black Sea, Black Sea salmon, sea horse, sea cock, sea perch.

Tourist routes

Tenderivska Spit

In the 5th century BC Herodotus wrote about the ancient relic forest chopping in the lower reaches of the Dnieper, remaining to this day. Ancient Greek has also highlighted the Tenderivska Spit, which is a real treasure of Reserve. In those days it had a temple dedicated to Achilles. Spit is a narrow strip, that stretches for 80 km , also dubbed as Way of Achilles. A number of interesting endemic species grow on the spit such as alfalfa Tendrivska, sea alfalfa, and pearl zolotoluskova.

The reserve is a scientific and research center of environmental education in the region therefore a recreational activity in its territory is not conducted.

Tendrivska spit - is the only place in Ukraine, that is a home to a population of wild horses.

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