Dzharylhach Island

Dzharylhach Island

Dzharylgach Island (from Turkic "burnt wood") is located in the Black Sea Gulf - Karkinitskyi. Covering an area of ​​56 square kilometers, it is the largest island in the Black Sea and Ukraine in general.

The climate on the island is temperate continental, typical for Ukrainian steppe, but is more mild, providing favourable conditions for recreation. An interesting sight of the island is Dzharylgach lighthouse designed by Gustave Eiffel.

Dzharylgach is rich on estuary lakes (over 200). It is known for its curative mud and salt lakes, where water has a high content of iodine and bromine. The air itself is rich with compounds of such elements and ozone.

Dzharylgach, rightfully attracts tourists and lovers of the exotic. Spreading out for 42 km from east to west, it seems to be specifically created for adventures.

Tourist routes

Flora and Fauna

The animal world of the island includes deer, fallow deer, mouflon, wild boar, hares, foxes, that move to the island on ice or on the sandspit.

The sea inhabitants that are worth mentioning are stone and grass shrimp and two dozen species of crabs. Often you can see white-sided dolphins, Black Sea bottlenose dolphins and porpoises. Local waters are rich with sturgeon - sterlet and stellate sturgeon. A marsh turtle can be found close to fresh water bodies.

The island is also home to such endangered plants from Red Book of Ukraine as Dniper stipa, sword-grass and marsh zolotoboridnyk tsykadovyy.

The animal world of the island includes deer, fallow deer, mouflon, wild boar, hares, foxes, that move to the island on ice or on the sandspit. In addition, Dzharylgach is a nesting place for migrating birds - swans, ducks, geese, etc. that gather in numbers of more than 150 thousand during winter season.


One of the key sights of the island is a hundred year old lighthouse, designed by one of the students of Eiffel and installed in 1902. The view from the top of the lighthouse on the sand spit, covered by the olive trees, is quite picturesque.


Along the northern part of the island you can find a large number of small fish, shrimp, mussels and crabs. The open sea can be accessed from the other side of the island, where in the small depth you can catch big goby, pelengasa and flounder.

National Park Dzharylhach

National Park Dzharylgach is located on the island since 2009. Its activities are aimed at protecting natural sites located on 10,000 acres of land, with 2469 acres of Dzharylgach water bay.

The park is adapted for tourism - there are tents and the fishing is allowed.

Contact information

Shulga Svetlana, Director
Vitaly Kovalenko, Head of Natural Reserve Fund state protection
Sviatoslav Havryliuk, Head of scientific, ecological and educational work and recreation improvement 

3 Volodarskogo Street., 75700, Skadovsk, Kherson region., Ukraine, 

Telephone: (05537) 5-25-80
Fax 5-37-34

E-mail: dgarilgath@ukr.net

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